Need to Raise Money? 

Are you tired of pushing fast food, cookies and candy bars? A Scentsy Fundraiser is the answer! 

Current Fundraisers:

Copper Hills High School Football Booster

Shellie's Dance - Grantsville


Fundraising is hard!! It is hard on companies, clubs, sports, and organizations. It is hard on participants and parents (and they don’t hesitate to let you know). I want to make it easier on you, more profitable for your organization, and less stressful for the participants and parents. 

I am Ashley, and I sell Scentsy. Actually, I also mom, teach, coach, tutor, and sometimes sleep! So I know from a parent, coach, and teacher perspective what chaos can come from fundraising efforts. I have a much easier model to take lots of that off your plate.

Passive Fundraising

Passive means it is little to no work on your part, and can be little to no work for parents! As an added bonus, this model is contactless! Meaning participants do not need to collect orders or money. You don’t need to tabulate orders. No one needs to separate and label orders!! Sounds too good to be true? Nope. 

Online Selling = Effortless Profits. 

I set up a shopping link for your group. Your group shares the link. Every order attached to that link gets you money. Order ship directly to the supporter ordering and you get a check! The length of time the link is open can be anywhere from 1 week to a month. I have worked with a small dance studio in Grantsville with only 9 participants - they earned over $400 in a week. I have also set up a shopping link for a family in Wyoming hoping to adopt - they earned more than $2,000 in less than a month.  

To Get Started…. Or just to ask questions

Simply contact me by phone or email me. We can look at dates and any additional things you would like to do. Some people REALLY like to collect orders, so I do have that as an option if you would like. I have also done open houses with cash and carry product to help boost sales right at the start.


Your organization will earn a minimum of 20% on all the retail sales from that link. When you get $500 in retail sales (cost before tax and shipping), I will automatically increase your earnings to 25%. 

Bonus opportunities

If your group generates more than $3000.00 in retail sales in a calendar month, you will receive an additional 5% (bringing you to 30% of sales)- giving you a minimum of $900 at that $3,000 in sales mark.

Other Important Information

We all forget things! In the event a purchase is made without using your link, I do allow 30 calendar days for the customer to notify me of the correct group to direct the sale to. I send out thank you emails for every online purchase from my website. During the time of your fundraiser, any purchase that is not tied to a shopping link will have an additional line in that email asking if the purchase was intended as part of a fundraiser. We all know some people won’t follow the directions! So I try to catch those quickly. I have attached a copy of my agreement so you can see what other bonus opportunities I have available. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Ashley Raines-Parshall

Independent Scentsy Director