Scentsy Clean Scent Soft
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Scentsy Clean Scent Soft

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White florals with a touch of spring; this is the scent of fresh, clean laundry.

Keep clothing luxuriously soft, reduce static, and give it a shot of fragrance! Scent Soft is formulated to disperse easily in the rinse cycle, so you (and your clothes) enjoy fabulous results every time. 32 fl. oz. (25 medium loads).

• Softens Fabrics.
• Reduces static.
• Leaves no yellow residue.
• Disperses easily in the rinse cycle.
• Available in a variety of Scentsy fragrances.

DIRECTIONS: Add Scent Soft to the fabric softener dispenser before each load. Use 5 pumps for a small load, 6 pumps for a medium load or 7 pumps for a large load. For best results, use with other Scentsy Laundry products.